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Having a new business can be a rollercoaster of emotions. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with all that is required to get your business setup correctly. Unfortunately, many cut corners which can be at the detriment of future issues. Most of which come up at the most inconvenient times. Email for example. Most have a complimentary email account provided by your Internet Service Provider (IPS), a free account from ie Google (gmail) or a POP3 / imap account through hosting of a website.
What most people fail to take into consideration is – who do you call when something goes wrong? The flip side of this is engaging with a local IT business. This may be required due to how many other services you require assistance with, however, usually it will be quite expensive.
Having assisted many customers through this process, we offer the following services to take a load off your plate.

Get it done right the first time

Make sure it's Australian.. Make sure its reliable.

Regardless of whether you choose us to develop your site, you need domain name and secure hosting. We design and build websites, we don’t on-sell hosting.
If we provided hosting, our clients would not have access to 24/7 website ticket support. They would have to go through us…and we don’t work 24/7.
We also could not guarantee a designated technician would answer the phone between 9am-9pm Monday to Friday.
Websites and email are critical for business. On the rare occasion that hosting issues arise, we feel strongly that our customers should have instant access to the customer support direct.

Don't promote Gmail... promote your business.

There’s one thing about not wasting money, and then there is looking cheap. How trust worthy will you be percveived if you are using a ‘free’ email address such as opposed to
If you have a domain name (ie: we can set up the new email account with your domain name.
It’s about changing the DNS records for your domain name and pointing them to Microsoft Exchange. This process usually takes from 1 hour to 1 business day to propagate.

Promote the right message from the get go. Secure your future.

Accounts Setup We can assist setting up your Google business page right through to Social media pages and LinkedIn. In Addition we can assist with pointing you in the right direction for Trademarks and a array of other important tasks.Call now to speak to one of our friendly staff. Experience the difference.. the difference is experience.

Specialists is Virtual Tour and Company Profile videos.

We don’t just love design.. We love new media. These days if you don’t promote engaging content, you may get lost in the void. Google appreciates this and so it ranks sites with video content better than sites without. Have a chat with us about maximizing your potential with use of interactive virtual tours. They can be used to show off your business premises … or even a for use in inductions!

Print is only dead if you don't do it right....

Print Management: If you need cards, flyers, booklets or any other form of print and promotional goods, give us a bell.
We have partnered with Print Promotion Brisbane Printing and offer a second to none range of quality options for businesses.

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